Local Live

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Local Live is On the Air! 97.7 FM, Eureka, CA

Where can you hear the local musicians in Humboldt Counties finest Cafe's and Restaurants for a warm and welcome atmosphere? Local Live, that's where. Open Mic will never be the same when the folks from Blue Ox Radio, a local non-profit school for socially challenged kids, has taken on an elaborate variety of programing, including the best of Open Mic performances featuring local artists. We have musicians, poets, and even a few exotic instruments to wow your ears and sooth your soul. That is every Wednesday evening from 9PM till 10 PM, and every Saturday from 8PM till 9 PM for a taste of Humboldt County and its unsung heroes of the Open Mics. Community powered, locally produced, and free to all. We are currently raising funds to stream across the Internet, so please have patience. They will be available in archives soon!
Come on down to Old Town Coffee and Chocolates on Wed nights from 6PM till 9 PM to perform, and Saturday nights at Has Beans from 6PM till 9 PM Cafe, both located in Historic Old Town Eureka.